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Cnc Machining Service

What is CNC Machining Services?   CNC represents PC Numerical Control. It’s an interaction where a PC controls the development of plant instruments and hardware. This could sound muddled, yet at the same, it’s very simple and interesting.   We should separate it. The ‘C’ in CNC stands for ‘Computer’. This is the mind of […]

What Is Electric Discharge Machining?

Electric Discharge Machining

Electric discharge machining (EDM) is a super cool way to cut metal. It uses tiny sparks to shape the metal just how you want it. Imagine those sparks like mini lightning bolts that zap away small pieces of metal until you get the shape you’re after. This isn’t like cutting with a saw or a […]

How Does Electrical Discharge Machining Work?

Electrical Discharge Machining

Imagine a process that shapes metal with sparks! That’s Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) for you. Instead of traditional cutting tools, EDM uses electrical sparks to mold and shape metal parts. It’s a fascinating method that has revolutionized the manufacturing world.       The Basic Components of EDM At its core, EDM relies on two […]