What Is Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of product design technology reproduction, that is, reverse analysis and Research on the project standard products to infer and deduce the processing flow and organization mode of product design elements, such as structure, functional characteristics and technical specifications, so as to produce products with similar but different functions.

Reverse engineering refers to the process of measuring the real object or model with certain measurement means, reconstructing the CAD model of the real object through three-dimensional geometric modeling method according to the measurement data, so as to realize product design and manufacturing. Different from the traditional design and manufacturing methods, reverse engineering is to accurately and quickly measure the surface data or contour of the sample by using a three-dimensional scanning measuring instrument without design drawings or incomplete drawings, carry out point data processing, surface creation, three-dimensional solid model reconstruction, and then print the model through a 3D printer.

How Does Reverser Engineering Work?

  • Information extraction is a technical term. The object that is being reverse-engineered is studied, information about its design is extracted, and that information is then examined to determine how the pieces of the object are meant to work together. In the case of software reverse engineering, this may entail gathering source code and related design documents for further investigation.
  • Modeling. The information gathered is abstracted into a conceptual model, with each piece of the model explaining how it fits into the overall structure of the organization. Taking information specific to the original and abstracting it into a general model that can be used to guide the design of new objects or systems is the purpose of this step. During software reverse engineering, this might take the form of a data flow diagram or a structure chart, for instance.
  • Review. During this process, the model is reviewed and tested in a number of different scenarios to ensure that it is a realistic abstraction of the original object or system. In the field of software engineering, this might take the form of program testing. It is possible to use the model to reengineer the original object after it has been thoroughly tested.

Reverse Engineering Services Include:

  • Creating a reliable 3D CAD Model
  • Reproduce an outdated or obsolete part or product
  • Advance your team’s product or part development
  • Investigate design that can be improved or modified
  • Innovate an existing part or product design
  • Repair obsolete equipment

Best Reverse Engineering Service Company In China

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